Uniting Colombia’s emerald producers

The Association of Colombian Emerald Producers – APRECOL – unites Colombia’s leading emerald producers to represent the industry nationally and internationally.

APRECOL, which was founded in 2002, works alongside the Colombian government and has formed strategic alliances with major international organizations, laboratories and other stakeholders to help set policy and support sustainable emerald production.

The association promotes best practice in responsible mining, including compliance, transparency, environmental and social responsibility, with a range of initiatives designed to galvanize communities and local economies in Colombia’s western Boyacá region where the majority of the major emerald mines are found.

It also leads research to harness the latest technological innovation to enhance operational efficiency throughout their supply chain, sharing knowledge and expertise between its members for the wider benefit of the industry as a whole.

APRECOL is part of Fedesmeraldas, the Colombian National Emerald Federation, and together with associations representing exporters, traders and businesses, works to ensure greater unity, formalization and transparency throughout the supply chain with a view to improving competitivity, strengthening the positioning of and adding value to Colombian emeralds in domestic and key international markets.

Colombia’s Western Boyacá Emerald mining region

aprecol provides a number of specialist services to members and local mining communities

Research & Investigation
APRECOL undertakes research projects to explore innovative alternatives to the current techniques in exploration, extraction, transformation and commercialization that are being used. Their aim is to improve operational efficiency to ensure greater competitivity and positioning for Colombian emeralds on the world stage.

Drive profile, positioning, sales and value of Colombian emeralds both nationally and internationally through strategic promotion.

Helping to provide solutions to the challenges facing the emerald industry, including modernization, formalization, social/environmental responsibility and working conditions.

APRECOL represents its members and the wider emerald producing industry nationally and internationally. The association participates in all relevant committees and commissions to ensure prominence within the national agenda and collaborates closely on the creation of new policy related to emerald production and related areas on both a domestic and global level.

Project Management
APRECOL and APRECOL SOCIAL oversees the strategic development and implementation of projects focused on social responsibility and economic development within emerald mining areas. They liaise closely with the private and public sectors, as well as communities themselves, to ensure projects focused on sustainability, security and peaceful cohabitation are progressed and the quality of life within the region is optimized.

APRECOL researches the specific needs within emerald mining areas and works with communities to develop plans for projects that can be put before the National Emerald Fund for potential investment. The association also offers training and mentoring services on formalization, economic diversification, legal and tax matters.